When we got the offer to take the patronage of the Poznan Month of Burgers from Qpony.pl we clearly decided – we are in! Burgers always improve our mood, they are delicious, photogenic and totally in our style. So what? Ready to start a ride through the Festival of Burgers? Hold on, because the text will be… fat!

During nearly three weeks we managed to eat burgers in 4 different places. More below.

1/ FOOD PATROL, Piekary 1, 3 x burger GORDON, 34 PLN

It seems that this classic burger place in Poznan, that has its supporters and detractors. Tip for you – find them on Piekary, Kościelna Steet, and also on … Franowo. We approached skeptical about visiting them (because once something went terribly wrong), but their GORDON burger is very good! GORDON is a bread roll with lettuce, gorgonzola cheese, caramelized red onion, tomato and cucumber. We choose the well beef. (Of course you can pick rare or medium and choose between white and brown bread).

2/ MINISTERSTWO BROWARU, Wroniecka 16, 20% off on any burger

Someone once said that craft beer and the highest quality burger is the perfect combination. Visiting Ministerstwo Browaru at Wroniecka Street for the first time convinced us that this is 100% true! Try there MANGO burger, with excellent meat, crispy breadcrumbs and delicious supplements, now at a lower price! Visit MB, if you’re dreaming about seasonal extras in burgers – this one with plum supposedly is a must!


3/ PASTWISKO, Jaroczyńskiego 22, free drink & chips

This was our first visit in this place. We got there super uber hungry, so we wanted to eat … something that gonna be THE TASTINESS KING. And… it truly was! In PASTWISKO, tip for all the mushrooms lovers – choose mushroom burger with beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, mushrooms and parsley. For those, who like a little more piquancy – you can’t miss the BACON PEPPER – burger with beef, cheddar cheese, grilled egg, onion and bacon. Residents of Piątkowo – do not sleep, eeeat!

4/ ŚWIĘTA KROWA, Kwiatowa 1, 15 PLN for the burger of the month and 16 PLN instead of 19 PLN for MONTEZUMA 

One of the first burger place in Poznan joined the Festival of Burgers as the last, and as you know… sometimes the last become the first. We popped into Święta Krowa to test two rather exotic positions: POŁUDNIOWA KROWA with grilled chorizo, guacamole, a salad made of red cabbage, chives and onions and teriyaki sauce and KROWA MONTEZUMA with nachos, habanero, honey and perfectly sweet mango. Although the evening was cold and rainy, thanks to those tastes we transfered info the sunny, hot days in Spain! This is so far the most unusual flavors of burgers in the entire festival’s offer.


Team Qpony.pl prepared a series of materials in order to support this action – posters, stickers & more. This stuff totally captivated us, especially the on with pop art and pink accents. Stickers can be found in the places, that are involved in the action. Here, again, the full list of burger places: Food Patrol, Ministerstwo Browaru, CheckPoint, Pastwisko, Czerwony Cielak, Yankee, Roti24, Arizona Express, Papierówka, U Rzeźników, AlleBurger, Łapu Papu, ChiChi4U, ALL MAX Burgers, Święta Krowa.

Fot. Gigi Hadid & Harper's Bazaar
Fot. Gigi Hadid & Harper’s Bazaar


Most fun gave us the fact, that you are involved in this action and that you have joined the burger madness. All the burger photos are available under the hashtag: #MIESIACBURGEROWPOZNAN. Here we put a few highlights – as we promised, you too have your place in our subjective magazine!

Fot. @mareczek09, @lemerylu, @sandwich_witch, @parafrazy, @kubajeziorny, @franka.frank.
photo: @mareczek09, @lemerylu, @sandwich_witch, @parafrazy, @kubajeziorny, @franka.frank.

Haven’t tried any burger in the action yet? No worries! The burgers promotion will last until the end of November, so just download the QPONY app (iOS / Android / Windows)  and see the delicious discounts prepared by Poznan-based burger places.

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