GRÓDEK NAD DUNAJCEM – a place, where you can relax

Sometimes you just look at a picture and you just know you have to go to this place. Gródek was in our minds from the beginning! A few moments of reflection, booking a room and here we go! In the direction of beautiful views and in search of silence. Briefly, succinctly and on topic. See if we have found the chillout factors in this area.

Gródek nad Dunajcem is a city located in Malopolska. The municipality of Gródek on the Dunajec River extends from Czchowski Lake to Różnowskie Lake. The second lake is surrounded by beautiful hills, forests, charming coves and peninsulas. If you are looking for an oasis of peace, then we are almost sure that you will be fully satisfied!

For 2 days of our stay we chose LEMON RESORT SPA. That’s not unusual, because LEMON is not a standard hotel with guest rooms, but… a mix of boutique cottages. Our “suite” had a large living room with a balcony and a bathroom. The price of renting a room for a night starts from 350 PLN. We pay here above all for a high standard – a comfortable mattress, packed cabinets, large bathroom, impeccable service, access to the gym and swimming pool, and the opportunity to meet with nature. Alleys leading to individual rooms are magical! By walking to your suite you can feel like in some tiny town – you truly are on another planet!

LEMON RESORT SPA is also a restaurant. As MYTUJEMY, we had to test some dishes from the menu, obviously! The open spaces of the restaurant with lake view are an absolute must! You sit in this place… you get used to it… and then you look at the beautiful landscape and feel that you have chosen well.

The LEMON Restaurant is a taste of modernity. The chef Janusz Garncarczyk himself cares for everything that comes out of his kitchen. LEMON Restaurant is also in the yellow Gault & Millau Poland guide (both in 2016 and 2017) – congratulations!

On the menu you will find – duck and fish dishes, rich entrees, burgers, pizzas with regional supplements, fine desserts and colorful drinks. Perfect for holidays! What surprised us? Clear menu card. We have not seen a card in the past, where vegetarian or vegan dishes are marked with a special icon, making it easy to find dishes dedicated to non-meat or all animal products.


  1. Antipasti plate with Italian cured meats, cheeses, olives, dried tomatoes, artichokes and grissini (43 PLN)
  2. Prawns braised with butter, garlic, parsley, white wine, served with toast (46 PLN)
  3. Chicken grilled in herbs with rice, with rocket salad, dried tomatoes, capers, onions, with dried tomato sauce (31 PLN)
  4. Sous vide duck breast in redcurrant sauce with roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables (46 PLN)
  5. Legendary Lemon Burger with beef, pancetta, piccante, parmesan, tomato, rucola, basil and basil pesto (33 PLN)
  6. Regional Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, oscypek, smoked bacon, sechloe sushi (varietal of dried plum fruit) (26 PLN)


In addition, every morning we ate breakfast there, served there in the form of a Swedish table. We were very pleased that scrambled eggs are prepared there on the basis of live cooking – you decide which egg quantity and with which additives will be served to you.

The whole stay at LEMON RESORT SPA is very positive. Each of the dishes of the LEMON Restaurant was appetizing and added strength to the drive around the area. Now we have some hints for you!

If you are going to Gródek nad Dunajcem from Poznan or simply on your route there is the Opolskie Voivodeship – definitely visit the Moszna Palace. It is the former residence of Silesian Tiele-Winckler family, industrial tycoons. Here we recommend to choose a guided tour – to find out more about this place from the qualified guide. Stories that you will hear are breathtaking, and the place itself is remarkable and deserves a lot of compliments. No wonder the bride and groom liked the place – the newly married often choose this location for their wedding photo shoots. Moszna Palace is not only architecture, it is also a huge park – the walk is a true pleasure!

Once you reach Gródek nad Dunajcem, we also recommend that you take a moment to Szczawnica. It is about 1 hour from Gródek, and the route Gródek – Szczawnica is the center of the most peaceful landscapes we have seen so far. Mountain huts, highlands, valleys, mountains, hills, grazing animals, twists… it’s Poland! Szczawnica is celebrated among other spa towns in Poland thanks to mineral water. In this village there are 8 active mineral springs. However, it is not the end of attractions! Szczawnica means PIENINY. We reached Planica using the lift. It was worth it!

P.S. Being in Szczawnica do not forget to taste grilled oscypek with cranberry – it’s our classic, we eat it every time when we visit Polish mountains. Roasted potatoes are also tempting!

The text is inspirational. We always encourage you to go on culinary journeys and discover new places (TRAVELLING IS IMPORTANT!). Remember, however, that during your tours inspired by our trips you can tag us on Instagram – @MYTUJEMY and #MYTUJEMY – then we will find you!