You get off at the airport, train station or at the bus stop and here we go – Vienna – the capital of classical music, monumental architecture and aromatic coffee is just next to you! Ready for 4 days full of aesthetic taste and delicious experiences? Our trip starts now!


The most famous Viennese market with countless stalls offering fruits, vegetables and other local delicacies. Being on Naschtmarkt, be sure to try the fragrant falafels with various hummus (1 EUR per 4 falafels and 1.80 EUR per hummus). You can choose from: curry, mango, chilli, wasabi and classic hummus. In addition, every Saturday at the rear of the market is held flea market, where you can find vintage clothes, accessories, and vinyl records.

One of the most delicious pizzerias in the capital of Austria, with the most unusual pizza stove in the world, in the shape of… disco ball! The dishes are prepared here by native Italians, and the pizza itself is excellent. The price of one position is approx. 9 EUR and we recommend making a reservation!

If you always dream about hot cake prepared by your grandmother… this is your paradise. In Voll Pension cakes and desserts are prepared daily by uber sweet, old ladies, and the same place is decorated in the style of the Grandparents House. Frames with photos, old furniture, knitted tablecloths and excellent coffee – you can’t miss this!

Other popular cafes in Vienna: CAFE HAWELKA, CAFE CENTRAL.

A place known by every student of Vienna, offering cuisine of Pakistan, where the rule All You Can Eat Pay As You Wish is everything. 1 EUR, 10 EUR – you decide how your meal is worth. The secret of the success of the pub is the fact that every day served food is the same – the chicken curry, the pumpkin and potatoes in sauce, salad and beans. It’s really tasty, as evidenced by the crowds waiting at the entrance to Dewaan, as well as numerous reservations.


To all meat fans we recommend a typical Austrian street food – roast sausages (the best ones are served in Würstelstand near the Hohen Markt), and those who from meat prefer something lighter… we recommend will visit one of the sushi sheds, located near every U-bahn station. With low prices (EUR 1.80 for 6 pieces) you can easily compose yummy and quick meal.


The most famous Austian sweets, from the Manner factory. Available in every foodie store in Vienna – try it & bring something home to your friends & family!


Public transport in Vienna is well developed, but thanks to the ubiquitous signs you can not get lost. In the case of a 3-day stay, the best option is to get 72-hours ticket, that includes travel by S-Bahn, U-Bahn, buses and trams. Its price – EUR 16.50. In everyday journeys you can use QANDO app, which is very helpful, when it comes to planning your day by day travels in Vienna.

what to see?

Being in Vienna before Christmas (from mid-November), we can’t forget about vitising the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. At Vienna’s town hall over 150 stands offering local specialties are waiting for you! Noteworthy is the breathtaking Christmas decorations and lights around the Rathausplatz – here you can really feel the magic of Christmas! We are at the beginning of 2017 and during the New Year’s resolutions – remember about writing down your must-visit place, Vienna Christmas Market! TIP FOR YOU: Christmas stands are already closed at 22:00.


Probably the most popular place in Vienna, at which continually gather groups of tourists as well as native Viennese. Located in the center St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the strongest symbol of Vienna and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. After visiting the temple you can not forget about the walk through the surrounding streets, which are simply magical!

  • BELVEDERE / Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Wien

The baroque palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy is now home to many beautiful works of art around the world. Interiors of the building contain the most famous work of Gustav Klimt – “The Kiss”, and gardens nearby the palace during the summer and spring are the best place to spend sunny day in Vienna. Even in winter it is beautiful here!

The place where you feel like in Restriction Section of Library at Hogwarts! Austrian National Library dazzles an amazing collection of books, reaching up to the Middle Ages, high shelves (with hidden passages), as well as the frescoes adorning the ceiling of the library. The entry ticket costs EUR 4.50, but we ensure you – the views are worth every cent.


Two Viennese squares known for its breathtaking buildings. The first of these is the Church of St. Charles Borromeo, baroque church built by people for Charles after the last outbreak of plague in Vienna. The second one is the location of a fairytale church Francis of Assisi – to see this with the best perspective, we recommend going on the nearby bridge.

  • SCHONBRUNN / Schönbrunner Schlossstraße, 1130 Wien

The former residence of the imperial family is by far the most interesting part of a trip to Vienna. In this baroque mansion plenty of attractions is waiting for you – the possibility of visiting the official banquet rooms (you can choose from different types of tours; we chosed IMPERAL lasting 40 minutes with student ticket: EUR 13.50), the walk among the gardens of the castle, drinking coffee and Glorietta and visiting to the nearby zoo.

The Museum is located in the largest residential Habsburg palace near the Vienna State Opera and conceals the most beautiful, world graphic collection. Remarkable is the exhibition MONET TO PICASSO, and Seurat, Signac and GOGH, presenting achievements of pointillism. After seeing the work, head to the ceremonial halls to admire the interiors, where the Archduchess Maria Christina lived. All royal everything!

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