Once again we have a pleasure to present you our food discoveries in Poznan and beyond. We promise, you’re gonna find something for yourself! And as always … we encourage you to explore Poznan with the sense of great taste! Get ready for a good dose of delicious photos – we hope you are hungry!

Sequence of places in random order.

1/ FRYGA, Czarna Rola 1/3

An older place  – yes, Fryga is 18 years old and isn’t ashamed of it! At this place you will eat traditional Polish meals, prepared with passion and full commitment. Fryga restaurant is a legend that should be tasted by absolutely everyone. Dumplings, rosół, duck … you will definitely choose something that will match your taste.

2/ Jonetsu Sushi, Galeria Sucholeska, Obornicka 85, Suchy Las

Jonetsu is a place in a Suchy Las shopping mall, where you’ll try sushi, an aromatic miso soup or delicious Japanese desserts. An alternative to all kebabs, average quality homemade dinners and other spots like these in this area.

3/ NAJS CREAM / Nocny Targ Towarzyski, Kolejowa 23

You definitely know these foodporn photos of ice cream with fruit-floral stuff that we have posted on our Instagram profile these couple of days! Unusual combinations, refreshing sorbets, surprising flavors – always looking the best! Najs Cream is your must-eat thing during this summer!

4/ PARA BAR, Kościuszki 70

Although the new place is not super new, we avoided this place like fire – our first visit there was not… super tasty! What a shame because… PARA BAR in a new location at the corner of Kosciuszki and Taczaka Street not only has nice space, but feeds deliciously and at a good price! Asian dumplings are available here in various variants – from wege to pork and veggies.

5/ PHOBAR, Wawrzyniaka 19

At the back of FALLA, in the industrial interior now we got PHO BAR –  a place dedicated to the soup of the Vietnamese dish, which is something big in polish food world right now! You try here PHO in 3 versions – prepared on beef bones, with meatballs or on vegetable broth. Check also their sandwiches with meat or vege fillings. Price range: 15-24 PLN.


In a place which was occupied by JE SUS restaurant now we got a new spot – Juicy Kuchnia Roślinna! You obviously know the name, because till now they were famous of their fruity & veggie juices. The new project is a great thing for vegemaniacs. We recommend you beetroot kopytka & bullet-proof coffee. Yum!


7/ EYES CREAMS, Rybaki 22a

If you’re dreaming of the best American foodporn… Eyes Creams are everything for you! In a new place at Rybaki Street you can try their delicious shakes with donuts & lots of sweets, but also pancakes… Beware of the sugar rush!

8/ LEWANT, pod Teatrem Polskim

Foodtruck from the Teatr Polski is one of our summer favourities! Middle-Eastern food by Lewant is full of tastes & flavours. We love them for hummus, DUŻY GŁÓD sets with homemade pitas – and we love especially version with beetroot & mint yoghurt.

9/ ZEN ON, Zwierzyniecka 3 / Concordia Design

Zen On is a Japanese restaurant specializing in serving udon, a broth with vegetables and thick wheat pasta. Zen On impresses with minimalistic design from the Samurai country, a great place to eat outside and good prices! The dishes are huge, beautifully presented and will surely impress your friends! Take them here during next weekend!

Zen On

10/ CORN AIR, Strzałowa 2/5

A place where you eat cereal from US … and even … from all over the world! New breakfast spor in Poznan! Beyond the kids-like bowls you’ll find: toast, shakes and many more. True paradise! There is also a garden party with animator – so you can consider organizing something for kids.

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