You don’t need a few thousand zlotys, a dozen hours on a plane and an awful jet lag afterwards to get to know a tiny bit of what the food culture in the Country of Cherry Blossoms looks like. As it turns out, we’ve got a bunch of outstanding spots among sushi bars in Poznan. Are you curious about our favorites? Read on to find out who they are!

KURO SUSHI, Wodna 8/9

While writing the article, we visited several sushi bars and talked to lots of people the majority of whom referred to KURO SUSHI as some kind of classic spot. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t go there. So we did, and instantly fell in love with the place – with paintings on its white walls, an open bar, rays of sunlight pouring through large windows, a rack with Japanese wines and even with football elements (the owner must be a football fan, that can’t be denied). Is there anything else we need? Of course there is! If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about…food. At KURO they serve a phenomenal IKA FURAY (PLN 25), i.e., fresh squid rolls battered in panko. You may also have a go at sushi, the prices of which start at PLN 58 or try sickeningly impressive desserts, e.g., Ice cream in Panko with fresh fruit. Lastly, good news for students – your student IDs will get you a 50% discount on all the Japanese delicacies.



SAKANA SUSHI BAR, Górna Wilda 61

SAKANA is one of these places that can surprise even the most demanding customers. Not only did the first tasting in the form of a sushi preparation workshop organized for bloggers of Poznan take place here (during the meeting, participants together with sushi masters filleted a salmon), but the first online sushi workshop was organized here as well. Sounds impressive? It’s not the end! For the upcoming months, SAKANA has prepared three lunch sets (available between noon and 4 p.m.) for PLN 29 each. In the first set you’ll find NIGIRI with tamago, that is sushi with a Japanese omelet and nori seaweed; in the second – NIGIRI with blanched prawns, and in the third – panko (Japanese breadcrumb) marinated MAKI. The good news is that the bar delivers food – a lunch at work doesn’t have to be boring.




For several years now, the people of Poznan have been obsessed with KYOAKI SUSHI BAR hidden in City Park. Its interior is divided into two parts – the lower part with white walls covered with modern paintings referring to the Japanese style and, most importantly, a huge bar in the center behind which sushi masters prepare colorful goodies. The upper part is more intimate, a perfect place for a romantic dinner with candles or a meeting with friends. What makes KYOKAI special? It’s certainly the VEGAN SUSHI. MAKI, i.e., tamarind (Indian spice) marinated tofu with carrot and mango salsa in tempura, GUNKAN MAKI with the Japanese bean edamame and sea salt foam or URAMAKI with sweet potato chips, vegetables and sweet and sour sauce (prices range from PLN 19 to 25) are perfect not only for ardent vegans, but also for those who have always been distrustful of raw fish sushi. Light, crispy and full of interesting taste combinations – they’ll win the hearts of many. It’s also worth going for one of diverse KYOKAI plates. The rule is simple – it’s up to you how many rolls and tastes you’ll try. You may have 13 or as many as 60 sushi rolls (PLN 55 – 250).


VIOLET SUSHI, Święty Marcin 9

On entering this bar you’ll be greeted with a slightly enigmatic interior suffused with purple, blooming orchids and wide smiles from the service team. In VIOLET SUSHI it’s worth paying attention to the “5, 10, 15” special offer, as part of which you can taste delicacies prepared by qualified sushi masters for PLN 5, 10 or 15. (A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR YOU à the offer is not available on delivery and to use it you will have to collect the order yourself). The prices of sushi sets range from PLN 29 to 369. (For sushi laypeople – on ordering it’s worth asking the service for advice, sharing your price and taste preferences). In the extensive menu of VIOLET SUSHI you’ll also find soups: Bali soup with prawns and chicken, Thai soup with coconut milk or Japanese miso with wakame seaweed. If you’re not enthusiastic about eating with chopsticks, waiters will give you clear and understandable instructions, after which you’ll never be called a chopstick rookie.



ART SUSHI, Półwiejska 42 (Stary Browar)

If you dream of a shopping spree that ends with a Japanese feast, there’s only one solution – ART SUSHI in the Old Brewery [Stary Browar]. This place is a perfect proof that, these days, mall restaurants are of very high quality (read our comment in GALERIE HANDLOWE magazine here) . At ART SUSHI you may sit in a charming and secret nook, the so-called TATAMI, inspired by the Japanese tradition. Take off your shoes, sit by a dark brown table and let yourselves be tempted by morsels from the extensive menu. First of all, we recommend you to try the sets served in wooden boats, which include, e.g., TEMPURA MAKI with prawns in tempura batter, salad, mayonnaise and sesame (PLN 35 / 8 pieces) and SAKE FOTOMAKI, i.e., maki sushi with salmon, avocado, salad and mayonnaise (PLN 20 / 6 pieces). Also, it’s worth giving a dinner menu a try; there are meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as sashimi – dishes made of raw meat, fish and sea food, cubed and served with various spices. Last but not least, from noon to 4 p.m. ART SUSHI offers lunch sets at lower prices.


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Translation: Marcin Markowicz