5 breakfast places to visit in Poznan

The calendar summer started a few days ago. We prepared something very useful for you and now we can share these places with you. Places, that we know, love and respect, when it comes to food and atmosphere, obviously. Find 5 best breakfast places in Poznan below! Interested? Read and share!

ZAKWAS, Poznańska 11. CLICK.

Jeżyce can surprise us at every step. This time … by the bakery/cafe called ZAKWAS, located in a small parking booth. Freshly-baked bread (wheat, spelled, with cranberries, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds), a cup of hot coffee and intriguing conversation with the owner of the place is a good way to start your holiday mornings. Be sure to taste the local sets of sandwiches with a drink (cost: 15 PL). The Full English, New York Breaky or Soooo fresh – options are many, but one thing is certain – this is the best bread on whole Jeżyce. The owner asked about how many breads maximum she could bake one day, corresponds with a blush on his face, that she prefers not to remember, that before Christmas was a massacre. This is an excellent recommendation for ZAKWAS and its bread, which is a kind of food masterpiece.


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MINISTER CAFE, Ratajczaka 34. CLICK.

Instagram is full of pictures with the Minister painted on the wall, the smell of fine coffee rises up on the corner of Ratajczak’s and St. Marcin’s Street and sandwiches served here are known in whole Poznan. About this cafe say almost everyone. What we are taking about? MINISTER CAFE, which we reached completely by accident! But it was one of the best and totally spontaneous decisions in the history of MYTUJEMY. The interior is doing the job here – is woody, very cozy, and the windows offer a splendid view of the Alfa buildings. The ideal location to gather material for the article – very good and the natural light. Be sure to try out there Sandwiches of Mr Minister for 11 PLN, with avocado, fried egg, arugula and a great aioli sauce, the taste that you will never forget! Minister Cafe is also famous for its Pastrami Sandwiches (17 PLN) – grilled bread with beef cured for 10 days in spices with roast beef with pickles, mustard and horseradish.


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LARS, LARS & LARS, Wojskowa 4. CLICK.

The restaurant located in Poznan City Park and created by two friends in love with the Scandinavian aesthetics & food. The breakfast option, in which everyone can find something for themselves. We love to go back there for Śniadanie Larsowe, consisting of two poche eggs, crispy bacon, creamed spinach, roasted mushrooms served with hollandaise sauce and toasted slice of bread for 29 PLN, Shakshouka created thanks to the travel inspirations,,  with chorizo, handmade of 2 seized eggs salsa of tomato, feta cheese, onion, chilli, honey and herbs, served with the homemade bread for 28 PLN, or a perfect option for all gourmands: Pannkakor – traditional Swedish pancakes (the name taken from Swedish language). In LARS  you try them in combination with the crème fraîche and seasonal fruits in the price of 16 PLN.




One of the restaurants in Stary Browar, which must be visited by everyone, who attaches great importance to this, what he will find on his plate. The dishes are made with ingredients from organic farming and delivered to the restaurant by small local suppliers. Of course, the food served in PROJEKT KUCHNIA finds appreciation among the most demanding clientele, and also among the athletes. This is the only place in Poznan, where you can drink bulletproof coffee by Ania Lewandowska, with clarified butter, cinnamon, cardamom for 19 PLN. We are in love with the rustic poche egg on toast of rye bread with wild smoked salmon for 22 PLN. The inscription MADE WITH LOVE forming part of the logotype restaurant is the truth itself.




Beside the home and a rural interior, which probably has been seen by every person living in Poznan – Weranda Lunch & Wine in Stary Browar delights its guests the traditional cuisine in a new, slightly more unleavened way. In our subjective opinion the best menu options are: pancakes with fruits, perfectly-done scrambled eggs (in the version with onion, tomato and bacon for 18 PLN / 19 PLN) served in a pan and best-looking drinks in the whole Poznan. We are convinced that the granites and frozen fruity smoothies will perfectly complement your summer mornings. We especially recommend you Morning Flow with fresh orange juice, pineapple, avocado, honey and match for 18 PLN.



Especially for you we prepared breakfast discounts in the restaurants below (between 1st and 14th of July):
Weranda Lunch & Wine: -20% on the breakfast menu with a password MYTUJEMY.
Projekt Kuchnia: -10% on the breakfast menu + free tea with organic herbs with the password MYTUJEMY.
Lars, Lars & Lars: -10% on the breakfast menu with a password MYTUJEMY.

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