4 BLONDIES IN ITALY – how to travel & not get crazy!

People wrote so many things about travelling. That they educate, teach humility required to cope with crisis situations and, above all, require us to look at the world from a different perspective. Instead? We get memories of views, people, flavours that remain in our memory forever. Today, you will discover with us the story of 4 blonde girls travelling to Italy. Interested? Read below!

During creating this article, we drank endless amounts of coffee, so also we advise you to reach for your favorite cup of aromatic drink, because … the journey into the world of pizza, wine and sunshine is just in the corner! Find out, what you can expect in 5 different Italian cities, according to these 4 blondes.


The team of 4 blondes is completed, trip plan fully developed, tickets are bought, suitcases are packed, so we go to Berlin, and from there 1.5 hours later we land in Bergamo, 50 km from Milan.



We took the bus from the airport to Bergamo city – the ticket cost was 2.50 EUR. The town immediately captivated us – we were in Citia Bassa part of Bergamo, which is a modern, more business, but still beautiful thanks to stunning, unusual architecture and typical Italian atmosphere. It took only a little bit of commitment and a sharp eye to discover the greatest treasure of this town, Citta Alta. The medieval part of Bergamo, located on a hill and surrounded by thick, 5 km long walls instantly gained our love.

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Widok z naszego mieszkania w Bergamo.

We knew that we do not have much time, so we found our apartment booked on AirBnb, located on the main street and then we started discovering dark and intriguing streets of Bergamo. We passed small squares, full of lively conversation, historic buildings, closed shops and after a fairly long climb up, we landed in the heart of Old Town. The view of the night in Bergamo was amazing and worth every fatigue. Going forward, we discovered cozy and still open restaurant, when we finally tried Italian cousine.
If you wish to experience the real Italian climate, devoid of chaos, tourists, hustlers and noise, if you want to relax and at the same walk and just catch a little breath, Bergamo will be the perfect destination for a holiday any time of the year.


The evening in a beautiful Bergamo passed, a new day came, and with it our new challenges. The plan of our trip in 100% was based traveling by car. And what was the problem? Just find a rental firm, rent a car and just go anywhere! In Italy, this process turned out to be not so simple …. Most important rental car companies in Bergamo are located at the airport of Bergamo. The requirement to rent a car there is to have a credit card by the driver. In our case, only Kasia had this type of car, but she was the only person in our team, who … didn’t have a driving licence! So we developed a plan B, sounding: We’re looking for Local Firm Which Will Give Us a Car Without Credit Car.

Suitcases were packed again, humor slightly strained as we moved to less touristic part of Bergamo to meet with a local rental car. Unfortunately, the plan failed. There were no cars left. Okay, it was a sad information for us, but… after all, we could not give up! We called for a taxi and went again on the airport. Andrea, who we will be calling A Handsome Italian Foodball Player Kind of Guy could not believe our funny stories, that this debet card is for sure the credit one! Finally, after an hour of smiles, stress and stamping feet, WE GOT THE CAR. The card owner has been credited as a second driver, of course we had to pay another extra money for that, but finances could not stop us from celebrating. We were in our beloved car, with a vision of another 3 days in Italy! Next stop? Garda Lake!


The road from Bergamo to Sirmione took us approx. 1.5 hours (approx. 90 km). The time in the car passed by quietly and quickly, mainly by the toll roads.

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The car was parked, towels and clothes were in our backpacks, so we could walk by the water! We reached the cleanest and largest lake in Italy, and so – the view was breathtaking. Small town, crystal clear water, families sunbathing on the green grass, colorful boats, a family of ducks at the shore and the overwhelming silence. This is definitely the place, you need to visit during your Italian holidays. We regretted that we had only a few hours in total relaxation in this place, but the plan was tight, and in the evening we had to be in our favourite Verona.


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Laura, Ola, Kasia & Madzix – 4 blondes!


From quiet Bergamo and family beach in Sirmionie we went … to the real big city. It would seem that the entrance to Verona will be a non-invasive activity, and finding our apartment with the given address on the sheet will take just a few seconds, but … it wasn’t that easy! Here we just felt, how the Italian life really looks like! Cars were attacking us at every step, pedestrians were everywhere, and the whole town seemed to be made of the same one-way road! In the end, we were able to park the car and after a few serious talks with Italian women – Barbara, the owner of our apartment in the centre of Verona, we got a key, and here we were! Verona full of hot, sun, tourists, colorful scooters and brick bridges was waiting for us!

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The view from our apartment on Via Scrimari.



We did not have a plan of what we want to see. We just trusted our instincts … and we moved along with the crowd by the narrow streets of Verona! On the way to the main square, which is Piazza delle Erbe, there is the famous home of Shakespeare’s Juliet. The gate leading to the courtyard is filled with amorous love declarations, inscribed names and dates. The farther you go, the more love you can feel! The walls of Capppulettis’ house and growing trees are covered with lists, padlocks and any evidence of the feelings made by those, who came here. Being here, you can not forget about touching the symbolic statue of Juliet – it brings a long-lasting happiness.

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TIP 1: Piazza delle Erbe is a great place to make a typical traveller’s selfie (whole team), because of the presence of the statue in the center.

TIP 2: If your hostel or apartment is not equipped with an Internet connection (as in our case), the Piazza delle Erbe is the best place to catch the local wi-fi. Checked!


The third and last must-visit position, that we were able to see, was a medieval Gothic castle Castelcecchio, built in the fourteenth century. Formerly it was surrounded by a moat, which is currently dry, and the water was replaced the lush, wild vegetation. We spent a delightful afternoon in the parts of the castle, before our trip to Milan.

Spending in Verona a little more time than in other Italian towns, we were able to taste some typical delicacies of Italy.


BREAKFAST: A cup of strong Italian coffee and a bit of carbohydrates, which would give us a strength for a day full of sightseeing! (Coffee set + 2 cakes: 8 EUR).

SNACK: a cup full of fresh fruits from the local market! (3.50 EUR)

DINNER: the most important meal of the day! In Verona, we had enough of pizza and we had a good feel for the pasta. Add for this a carafe of cold white wine, typical Italian and loud service and excellent evening is guaranteed!

TIP FOR U: Remember, that in Italy to every restaurant bill is added a coperto. Its height can depend on the level of the place. Usually, it is hidden in the menu.

DESSERT: GELATO! Gelato! Popular Italian ice cream, prepared with milk, cream and sugar, is a perfect, refreshing snack, especially during the summer. Just be careful – the ice-creams are melting so quickly and you really need to eat them fast, in case you don’t wanna end up with your food on the floor…


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Once again, we packed their belongings and we moved on. This time, our destination was Milan, which at the entrance to the city was not impressed for us. The usual simple town with a huge number of apartment blocks and cars on the streets. We stopped at the hostel called hostelu KOALA, located approx. 6 km from the famous Duomo. Our funds were shrinking, as you can see on the photos … From the divine apartment in Verona, we landed in a small room with 10 other persons, in a loud, full of students hostel.


TIP FOR U: Milan metro runs from 6:00 to 24:00.


Without much thought, we moved to the metro and in a few minutes we reached the station DUOMO. We knew it would be an amazing view, but nobody warned us that the Duomo di Milano will be seen almost immediately after leaving the metro! One thing is certain – built in the Gothic style building is truly breathtaking.

A good option is visiting the roof of the Duomo (tickets price: 8 EUR) to see the more business part of Milan, but also to see Gothic statues adorning the cathedral. When visibility is good, you might be able to see the peaks of the Alps!


After the Duomo, we went to see the second attraction of Milan – one of the oldest shopping malls in the world – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Despite the enormity of people scrolling through the Piazza del Duomo and the herds of pigeons being everywhere, quickly we went to see the historic dome of the building, hiding the most exclusive restaurants and boutiques in Europe. Valentino, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana … Here you can see the masterpieces of Italian fashion for yourself!

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The third and last place before our departure we discovered quite by accident, weaving through the main streets with a crowd of fans (in Milan it was the final of Champions League those days). Castello Sforzesco, a brick castle in the centre of Milan, is especially worth seeing, because of the beautiful courtyard and museums hidden inside the building.



We offer you 3 places, which necessarily must be visited during your stay in Milan.

  1. PIZZA / GRANAIO Cafee e Cucina / Via Tommaso Grossi 3

A restaurant located just a few steps away from Piazza del Duomo offers the most delicious pizza, which we had the opportunity to try during the entire Italian adventure. Unconventional shape of the pizza, excellent flavour combinations and high-quality ingredients – the dinner here is a real treat for the senses! Pizza prices start from 8 EUR, and coperto is 3 EUR per person.

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  1. ICE-CREAMS / Cioccolatitaliani / Via Edmondo de Amicis 25

Another Italian foodporn! Ice cream flavours, which never dreamed of even the largest foodies. White chocolate, marshmallows, nutella, and it all in the delicious chocolate cone. The price of one “cono cioccolatItaliani” is 4.50 EUR.

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  1. SNACK / Luini Panzerotti / Via Santa Radegonda 16

The tiny place located literally next to our beloved ice cream shop. 2 queues set from two sides, a mysterious bundle held by smiling customers and the divine smell coming from this interesting place … Here’s famous bakery – Luini, serving classic Italian panzerotti (filled dumplings). For 2.50 EUR we bought the version of the tomato and mozzarella. Yummy!

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It’s time to move on! Forced to give back our car earlier, for the third time during our Italian Escapade we landed at the airport of Bergamo. Slightly tired from getting our suitcases more & more heavier, but with one vision in mind: we need to get to Como Lake.

TIP FOR U: Looking for information at the airport, do not be fooled by hustlers who will do everything to convince you to buy his of her services. After a few brief conversations, we knew one thing – we can rely only on ourselves.

We came back to the bus to the train station in Bergamo, where for 6.90 EUR we bought tickets to Como San Giovanni, with a change in a place called MONZA. And the adventure began … again! We did not know what awaits us, we had no accommodation, plan, nothing… Only in our minds Como, the lake and totally chillout!


We visited Monza so quite by chance, between one old, slow, full of foreigners and young children train, and the next – a modern railcar, every day cruising on the route Como – Milan. Travelling to Como we completely walked down from the tourist path, so that at least for a moment we experienced the typical life in the smaller Italian town. Each of us sat on the train in silence, wondering – what will meet us there? What happens if Como did not turn out so worth seeing? And finally – where are we gonna sleep? The answers we had to meet in the next hours.



Well, we reached Como! Slightly tired, with no make-up kind of make-up, we got out at the station Como San Giovanni with a mission: we have to find a place to sleep! The first thought – check the wi-fi. Unfortunately, our barely-functioning phones did not reveal any open network. Plan B? We ask the locals! Two Asians standing behind the bar “do not speak English.” Finally, we were saved by a delectable, old man, pointing to the … cybercafe, where for € 1 we get a half-hour access to the NETWORK. Quick search, Airbnb, Booking.com, hostels, at the end of one decision, a quick phone call, printing a document and YEAAAH, WE HAVE IT – a house on a hill in the nearby village Molstrasio is ours. The owner was fluent in English (which is new for us in Italy) and he convinced us that we have to go to see the city, we shall eat pizza and drink prosecco, and after his return from Milano he will pick up and give us a ride to home. Is that… even possible? We were totally lucky girls!

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A bottle of wine and 4 pieces of Italian cakes later, we sat in bought, as it turned out, in Warsaw, the Opel of our savior, and listening to “All Of Me” by John Legend, sped through the narrow streets of Como. Those moments were a real magic!

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The next and last day of our trip we were able to rapidly to get on mini-ferry from Moltrasio to Como. For the last time we tried Italian pasta, bought some local souvenirs and sunbathed on the nearby lawn. Although the beach from our dream was not found … chill by the water was checked!


2 trains, 1 bus and 3 mandates later we were back at the airport of Bergamo, with sad faces leaving the Italian ground.

Unfortunately, during the last moments of your stay in Italy, we were able to get a mandate from the hands of the Italian police (reason: not buying a ticket in the transfer bus to the airport). 30 EUR per person hurt us a bit, but we had to move on and smile!

Behind us 4 intense, full of adventures and extreme emotions days. Bergamo, Garda, Verona, Milan, Monza, Como …. We were so proud of ourselves! For the last 10 EUR we bought 4 McFlurries and we calmly waited to return home.

We hope that our text showed you the Italian atmosphere and some of the most beautiful cities of this sunny country. Find out more of our adventures on our Instagram: Instagramie: MYTUJEMY. Arrivederci for now!