Hello, summer, hello Sunny days, free time & total chillout! If you’re looking for an idea to spend your days in a great way, we got something for you! Maybe you are being visited by your friends from other cities & you wanna show them Poznan? We’ve prepared a list of 10 activities, that you can do in our Poznan during summer. Ready! Let’s go!

1. Visit Ostrów Tumski & Brama Poznania.

One of the most beautiful districts in Poznan. The only remaining island on the Warta river attracts with us unusual climate, numerous monuments and delicious restaurants. Must-visit place? The interactive museum of Ostrów Tumski – Brama Poznania. You will find this modern building near the Most Jordana!

2. Spend time on the Old Market & see famous koziołki!

The Old Market in Poznan – we are sure you guys know the place! Full of people & very popular spot, with old buildings, 4 fountains & famous pręgierz – the classy meetings spot. The most important activity? Koziołki, that appear every day during the midday!

3. See Kórnik castle.

15 minutes from Poznan & you can see the beautiful kingdom in Kórnik! The famous castle of White Lady & nearby gardens will give you total chillout and a lot of great views. Be sure to check out the arboretum – 36 hectares, over 3600 plant species, unusual alleys that cover lilacs, magnolias, azaleas … Magic!

4. Visit Nocny Targ Towarzyski & eat all food!

And when the weekend comes – all eyes are on the Kolejowa Street, where Nocny Targ Towarzyski takes place! This is a weekly festival of food, chill and friends! In the old railway area you will find a dozen food exhibitors – from known cafes, through foodtrucks and new foodie projects. Want more? Add to ths DJs sets & concerts & you got your plans for summer evenings! You have to see it by yourself.

5. Spend some time by the Warta river.

Riverside areas, especially around Most Rocha are one of the most crowded places during hot days in our city! You can feel the smell of grilled sausages right from the tram stop. We like to chill here in the company of favorite beer as weel. PS, hint for you! We have discovered a new app called DRINCO that will help you buy alcoholic drinks at cheaper prices. You can download it from here: iOS / Android.

6. Biking near the Malta lake!

A little bit of get away area in the middle of the city! Fake Malta lake is a best place for all those bike, run & sport lovers. 5 kilometers of beautiful views – we love this! Be careful not to scare the duckies – they like being near the water.

7. See Nowe Zoo.

If you got free Saturday, plan your trip to the Nowe Zoo! Wear comfortable shoes, because the area of Zoo is quite spacious – it’s the second most biggest zoo in Poland! You’ll meet here nice elephants, big collection of birds & owls, tigers, bisons & more. Activity for kids & adults as well!

8. Wait in the Kolorowa queque to eat the most delicious ice creams in the world!

Holidays = ice creams. And summer without eating something sweet in Kolorowa – that would be a crime! Big portions, amazing taste, great stuff. It is not just food… it is an experience! Worth waiting, definitely.

9. Chill in the Stary Browar park.

Our favourite shopping mall has the most amazing, green space in Poznan! Perfect spot to chill out with a good book or just spend some time with your friends. Lazy Sunday or full of sport activities Saturday? Here you can do anything you want!

10. Spend Sunday by the Rusałka, Kiekrz or Strzeszynek lakes.

Near Poznan you can find 3 great lakes, that will give you lots of water & sunny vibes! Mini holidays in just a few minutes by car from the city. In Kiekrz you can also eat delicious sushi in Dokku Sushi place!

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